November 24, 2021

CrossFit Armed – Armed Comp*

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Crossover Symmetry Iron Scap:


3 rounds:

10 cal AB

10 Banded Presses (light band)

20 Lateral Band Walks

20 Monster Walks

10 Banded Good Mornings

10 Russian KB Swings

10 Scorpions

Snatch (5 Sets 5 Touch-n-Go reps)

Work to a moderate Touch-n-Go set of power snatches

This should be nowhere near a max

Work on cycling speed and keep your technique solid!

Front Squat + Split Jerk (5 sets: 3 Front Squats + 1 Jerk)

@60-70% of best jerk

Rest 2 min between sets


Ring Muscle-up Work/Development


10 min EMOM

3 to 5 reps OTM

Focus on making each set as perfect as possible

If the reps start to get ugly, decrease them!


2 sets as a circuit

Banded Strict Pull-up w/3sec Eccentric x 8-12

Parallette Push-up in Hollow w/3sec Eccentric x 8-12


3 sets


rest 4 min

Start around 80% effort and maintain or get faster if possible.

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