“After relocating back to my hometown of Miami, I struggled to find a CrossFit box that was the right fit for me. My brothers, Matthew and Andrew, introduced me to Crossfit ARMED and the rest, as they say, is history. After my first drop-in, I knew that this box was something special. From the personalized coaching and tough WODs to the community feel and awesome events planned by the staff. It wasn’t long after I started that I found out about Adriane’s EgoFit, which I thought was the perfect supplement to my CrossFit workouts. Now, I’m doing two-a-days, training harder than I’ve ever been and having more fun than I thought could be possible at a CrossFit box. And all my hard work has paid off. I’ve lost 15 pounds and placed second in Wod-O-Ween, my first ever CrossFit competition! Thank you to Crossfit Armed for changing my life and for inspiring me to be better, faster, and stronger.”

Nicole Holtz Indian Creek Village, Florida


“The coaches are AMAZING! They provide you with the support, motivation, and encouragement you need to push past that little voice in your head that says “you can’t”. Chad is the definition of what a great trainer should be.”

Alejandra Tercero North Miami, Florida


“I love my coaches when they push me, challenge me and motivate me. Everyday I go to the box I have a smile on my face. This is my new passion it has changed my life and it can changed yours too.”

Jazzmary Gandel Sunny Isles Beach, Florida


“The coaches got to know me personally by aiding me in the workout and talking to me. I never felt like they were condescending or rude, but they were stern and effective. Overall, I see a huge improvement in myself. People (both friends and bystanders) have commented that I appear to be toning up. I’ve also noticed that I can carry more weight and go longer without exhaustion while doing other task. My slow but steady increase in workout ability has only had positive impacts on my life. Ultimately, the Crossfit ARMED experience is completely beneficial and a worthwhile choice.”

Adam Lowinger North Miami, Florida


“In July of 2012 some friends found a Groupon for an Crossfit ARMED “Boot Camp”. I agreed to give it a shot. Although it was intimidating at first, I quickly realized how much more intense my workouts were compared to other forms of exercise I had tried. Another benefit was that I started to meet people and get to know other crossfit members. I completed my on-ramp certification in September of 2012 and since then have regularly surprised myself at what I can now do – rope climbing, kipping pull-ups, and numerous personal record 1 rep max weights. Through Crossfit Armed I also discovered the Paleo lifestyle and completed the 30-day Paleo challenge. Between crossfit and paleo eating I have lost about 10 pounds of body fat and am having no trouble keeping the weight off. I think the results speak for themselves.”

Thomas Dougherty Surfside, Florida



“I joined Crossfit ARMED in July of 2013. For the first month I exercised and exercised without results, until I joined the Paleo Challenge. Adriane and Linda guided me through the process, teaching us the right type of foods to eat and of course what not to eat. I have learned that it is not just the exercise and intensity, but what we eat that gets our bodies into outstanding shape. Since starting to do the HealthFit boot Camp Program I have lost over 36 pounds, which has enabled me to do different things now. I look and feel better, I am not tired after 5 minutes of exercise anymore, I have gone from a size 42 pants size to a size 36.”

Rafael Cedeno Miami, Florida