Chad Murphy – Coach/Owner

chadA Florida native, Chad has been heavily involved with fitness his whole life. For 30 years, kickboxing and Martial Arts have played an immense role in Chad’s life. In high school, Chad was a standout multisport athlete. As a football player, he received All-State honors and was heavily recruited by division 1 schools. He eventually took his talents to the University of Northern Alabama where he enjoyed a successful college football career before returning to South Florida. Since then, he has been working in the fitness industry managing gyms in the Miami area. Chad has found CrossFit and it has changed his life. He is a Level 2 certified CrossFit and Gymnastics coach.”


Jorge Valdes – Co-Owner

JorgeHaving been raised in Miami and attending the University of Miami for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, I have seen the city grow and had the opportunity to participate in sports and fitness my whole life. Started weightlifting and running track in high school. Then continued my weightlifting and transitioned into long distance running. At the peak I ran the NY Marathon, which is an event that I will never forget. Started CrossFit in 2017 and fell in love with it. I quickly gained my Crossfit Level 1 trainer designation and began to be more involved in the overlap between healthcare, fitness, nutrition, and longevity. During my career as a corporate executive, I never gave up my passion for sports and fitness, working out daily and continuing my learning about fitness and nutrition. I retired as Chief Technical Officer at Dexcom Inc. in 2017, after spending 12 years with Dexcom. In my role, I was responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of Dexcom’s research and development functions, as well as manufacturing operations and information technology.


Lulu Faria – Coach

Lulu FariaIt wasn’t until her 20s that Lulu got involved in fitness. Her journey started with bodybuilding but eventually she fell in love with the functionality that Crossfit offered – it wasn’t just about the body looking good, but moving great as well! Besides being a CF Level 1 trainer, she also has certifications as a personal trainer, body mechanics, functional and core training specialist. Outside of fitness, she’s also studying to become a nurse. Growing up as an overweight child, she knows there’s no short cuts, and in order to get results, you must put the work in – so if she’s giving you tough love, it’s because she cares.


Ruben Ramirez – Coach

R Ramirez I grew up in Venezuela, playing all kinds of sports like soccer, basketball, baseball and beach volleyball. But when I first tried CrossFit at 18, I became addicted. 7 years later and my passion for CrossFit continues to grow as I learn more about it as an athlete and coach. I am now happy to show others how great this sport can be for you and its many health benefits. Join me at my Sunday Sweat classes at 10 am!


Jerle Vale – Coach

I was raised in the Army as the daughter of a colonel in the Brazilian Army, instilling in me a deep sense of discipline and respect for the rules. I chose to pursue a career in Physiotherapy, dedicating three years to the study of functional rehabilitation. However, an unexpected opportunity arose that changed my destiny when I was offered the position of manager at an innovative gym in my hometown. This has given me the chance to share my passion for fitness with others. Over the course of eight years, I have honed my management acumen, fostering an environment conducive to member growth and realizing their fitness aspirations. Even so, fate charted a new course for me when my family moved to Miami embracing this change as a path to personal reinvention, I transitioned into the role of a personal trainer, specializing in bodybuilding and exercise correction.