Strength and Conditioning

December 13, 2021

CrossFit Armed – Armed and Fit

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Metcon (No Measure)

A. Strength: go HEAVY and if it’s too easy increase some reps or add weight

1. EMOMx15 – alt. movements

-12-16 Renegade rows (r+l = 2)

-8-10 hang squat cleans

-25 RKBS

B. Conditioning

3 min. AMRAP, 1 min. rest for 5 rounds; pick up where you left off

18 plyo lunges (r+l=2)

9/7 cal row

5 devil’s presses (30/20s)

C. Abs – superset and rest :20-:30 between sets


DB Straight leg sit-ups AHAP

DB Leg raises

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