Armed and Fit – Tue, May 16

May 16, 2023

CrossFit Armed – Armed and Fit

Strength & Conditioning (No Measure)

E2MOM x 4 rounds* (36 minutes)
1. Pull-ups** (see below)
2. 12 DB floor chest fly (control descend)
12 L-sit Arnold press
Only do one round of this and rest the remaining time. The correct weight should bring you to about 1:30 😉
3. Cal. bike arms only
4. Sled step and push (use only your arms to push the sled as far as possible, no leg drive)
1:00 rest after completing all 4 stations

*For ALL stations work until the 1:40 mark so you have time to transition
**Pull-ups: choose YOUR highest skill level and stick to it for all rounds today. You’re going to do this as an AMRAP and rest as needed between your sets (listed from highest to lowest skill level):
5-7 negative pull-ups 50X0
15-20 jumping pull-up
20-30 ring rows

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