Armed and Fit – Tue, Aug 30

August 30, 2022

CrossFit Armed – Armed and Fit

Strength & Conditioning (No Measure)

A. Upper Body and Abs
30 min. AMRAP for quality
*challenge yourself every round by trying to add a little more weight, or getting a little deeper ROM

20 DB pullovers
:30 flutter kicks (hold DB above chest)
10 DB renegade rows w/ push-up (push-up + row p/s = 1 rep; focus on keeping core stable)
:30 elbow plank dips
5 seated strict press
:30 DB toe touches
1:30 rest

B. Max ski cals in 7 minutes
*split the class into even groups and each team has to accumulate max cals on the ski. Switch every 7/5 and SPRINT IT!!!

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