Armed and Fit – Mon, Nov 21

November 21, 2022

CrossFit Armed – Armed and Fit

Strength & Conditioning (No Measure)

A. CORE – 4 minutes
:20 Hollow hold
:20 side plank (R)
:20 flutters
:20 side plank (L)

B. STRENGTH* – 29 minutes
EMOMx5 rounds**
1. 10 KB Hike + ME RKBS
2. :25 S/A KB row per arm
3. :03 paused hip thrusters (use DB and bench)
4. Pullover from bridge (on bench)
5. HEAVY AF sled backwards step and pull

*YOU HAVE TO PUT THE EFFORT IN! If you’re looking to get stronger, get out of your comfort zone with the weights and challenge yourself with something a little heavier!
**work until :45 mark UNLESS that’s your station prior to break; then go until the top of the minute

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