Wednesday – 06/30/21 “Ski Inferno”

June 30, 2021

CrossFit Armed – Armed Comp*

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Warm-up (No Measure)

3 x

0:30 Ski

10 Pallaf presses each side

10 banded push-ups

A1: Chaos Bench Press (4×16)

-0:45 Rest Before A2-


A2: Feet Elevated, Weighted Single Leg Glute Bridges (4×10-12 /Leg)

-0:45 Rest before A3-


A3 : Banded, Snow Angels (4×12)

-1:30 Rest between super sets-


B: Ski Inferno (Distance)

30:00 Running Clock for Meters

100m Ski

10/7 Calorie Bike

200m Ski

10/7 Calorie Bike

300m Ski*

10/7 Calorie Bike

*Keep increasing the distance by 100m with every round. DO NOT RESET your monitor. This workout is for TOTAL SKI CALORIES.

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