Boom Camp

What is Boom Camp?

A combination of functional, strength, agility and cardiovascular training all in one! Build muscle and shed fat one workout at a time with our 50 minutes of intensity. Have fun in our group training while building and sculpting the new YOU! BOOM Camp teaches all level athletes functional movements to prepare them for life. Through high-intensity training and nutritional education, BOOM Camp workouts will test you physically, mentally and emotionally. BOOM Camp will help you build confidence, strength and a solid foundation in fitness.
Let’s get it!

Boom Fitness Miami offers customized nutrition packages to fit every goal.

Whether you are looking to trim down for a special occasion, look great for the summer or learn all the tools to get into a healthier lifestyle, Boom Fitness Miami will tailor the perfect plan for you!

All services provide an in-depth, customized, written nutrition program based on your wellness goals, performance goals, food preferences, lifestyle and specific health conditions.

Our plans include:

First Month: $175 (Includes Initial Set up fee)
Every other month $100

Check out the full class schedule for all programs and times.