Armed Kids


armed-kidsThe ARMED KIDS program uses specific training programs that increase coordination, flexibility, strength, and agility, all while in a non-threatening environment where “fun” is the key ingredient.
Our curriculum is highly effective. It creates a physical learning environment that builds on the idea that all children have different abilities. They need to be challenged at their own individual level in order for effective progress to take place.
ARMED KIDS workouts are similar to all CrossFit style regiments; however, they use a child’s natural propensity for consistent movement by using various exercises that are constantly moving and changing. There is a time component where each child moves quickly from one exercise to the next, creating the necessary intensity to achieve his or her fitness goals. Exercises specifically designed for each child will create aerobic and anaerobic work capacity which in turn will increase endurance, stamina, and confidence improving both physical and mental health.
Our ARMED KIDS Program is designed to help children between the age groups of 5 -10 and 11-16 by teaching them proper form and technique through basic movements and exercises. Your child’s coordination, strength, and overall conditioning will increase, which in turn will assist them with neurological and cognitive motor skills. Our classes will use skill practice, workouts, and games along with educating your child to make healthier food choices. Your child will progress through a series of levels as they gain athletic abilities. You will notice your child will become more focused in school and transition into sports much easier due to their enhanced athletic skills. This is the perfect program for your child if you are a parent who wants their kid to grow up healthy, strong, and have a long life of fitness thus avoiding childhood inactivity and obesity which we all see is way too common.
ARMED KIDS, ages 5-10: This age group is being taught basic physical skills, social skills, and confidence. There will be foundation movements such as running, jumping, squats, push ups, pull ups, climbing, and basic gymnastics movements. Your child will also learn how to follow direction, listen, communicate, and play with other children. You will notice your child’s confidence grow both physically and mentally with each class.
ARMED KIDS, ages 11-16: This age group is being taught more detailed skills involving light weight lifting, plyometrics, running, rowing, and stretching. Your child will also focus on leadership skills, and as they progress through the program, they will be asked to model movements, lead exercises, and demonstrate the ability to verbally explain exercises.
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