Mayhem Affiliate – L.I.F.E. – Fri, Aug 18

August 18, 2023

CrossFit Armed – Mayhem Affiliate – L.I.F.E.

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6 min Amrap

1 min Bike

6 Heel to toe rock

6 Box step up. 3R/3L

6 Dumbbell Hang Cleans light wt

12 Tall Plank with shoulder taps

Metcon (Time)

Team of 2 (for time)

2000m Bike Erg*

80 Weighted Box step up

60 Dumbbell Push Press

*2000m Bike Erg

*Partner holds two heavy Kettlebells while partner bikes.

* Break up reps how ever you want.


Bike or walk 2-3 mins


Elevated Pigeon stretch

Calf stretch on Wall

Child pose

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