About Us

What is CrossFit ARMED?


Athletic Recovery, Movement, Endurance and Development is what CrossFit ARMED is all about. CrossFit ARMED is a unique style of Cross Training designed to revamp the fitness industry. It incorporates Marine Corps style boot camps with free style methods of cross training.

The focus is on functional movements where the body acts as one symmetric machine. This varies from the conventional style of training where muscle groups are worked separately to overload one muscle group.

CrossFit ARMED is a total body workout designed to include all facets of fitness including muscular endurance, power training, cardiovascular fitness, and muscle strengthening. It is an unconventional and unique style that caters to all types of people and fitness levels.

Our Facility

CrossFit ARMED offers a 14,000 square foot state of the art indoor/outdoor workout facilty. The facility is designed to cater to all fitness levels from beginner to expert.

We offer basic to advanced classes in CrossFit style exercises inluding:

We are very proud of our custom facility and take pride in using it to mold our members into the athlete that is inside all of us.