Coronavirus Notice

Coronavirus Updates

3-25-2020 – Update

Hey Armed Fam,

It was so great seeing everyone who stopped by to pick up some equipment the other day! We wanted to send (another) email thanking you guys for all of your support. This email is just a reminder email to care for the equipment as if it were your own.
Please wipe down all equipment after use, just like you would at the gym!

You know, all common sense things to take care of the stuff! You all can use the equipment as long as you need…until we reopen. If you have any issues please let us know!

Don’t forget to tune into Zoom this week! Starting Monday at 6:30am with our Snatch Session OLY class! We added a ton of new classes to the schedule (see below). For those of you who took a barbell and weights, we will be offering an olympic lifting class 2x a week, 2x a day!! Don’t worry, we won’t let Coronavirus won’t stop your gains!!

Keep tagging us online in all of your fitness adventures! We love seeing your workouts at the park, in the garage, in the grass, on your balconies, etc. We love seeing the whole family jump into a workout! We love it all!

Stay healthy and (hopefully) see you soon!

3-21-2020 – Update

Hey Armed Fam!

First, let us start off by saying how much we miss you guys and appreciate all of your support during this time. We love seeing you tag us and post videos of your at home workouts on social media! We have some good news to hopefully make your home WODs even better! Tomorrow, Sunday March 22, 2020 from 11am to 1pm we will be doing another equipment rental! All rentals are first come first serve and require a CASH DEPOSIT! Please try your best to bring EXACT CHANGE! We encourage everyone to come grab some equipment, even if you just want a dumbbell and some resistance bands. We want to help you keep some sanity during these challenging times!

Ground Rules:

Upon arrival to Armed please stay in your car (social distancing). We will be using a number system again. When your number is called you will go into the gym, select your equipment, clean your equipment with your OWN wipes/spray, bring equipment to desk, pay with CASH, and load your equipment into your car.

We ask that everyone use common sense and courtesy when grabbing equipment. We love your enthusiasm for the gym, that’s what makes you all such great members, but we only have so much equipment to loan out and we want to make sure as many people as possible have access to it. So when choosing equipment please be realistic in your weight choices and equipment choices. We promise Kaleena will continue to make the at home WODs as hard as the regular WODs and they will be adaptable to everyone regardless of equipment. You’d be surprised how miserable she can make you with just one kettlebell 🙂

Equipment Rental options per household:

CrossFit Armed is much more than the four walls in the gym. We’re a community, and as a community we’re going to get through these next few weeks together. In addition to the equipment rental we will now be offering more classes via zoom. We have added an OLY class twice a week with Coach K and Punch Fit classes with Coach Fernanda! We want you guys to have as many resources as possible to help you maintain and reach your fitness goals. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Chad and Kaleena if you would like more personalized programming with additional equipment you may have.

Again, none of this would be possible without members like you. We can’t thank you enough for your support. Please continue to follow us on social media and tag us in your fitness adventures!

P.S. Please please please take care of our equipment. Do not drop empty barbells on cement. Clean off all equipment when you’re done using it, especially the leather wallballs. We want to make sure when we reopen we have all of our equipment back in the same condition we gave it out in. Deposits will be returned when equipment is returned.

Zoom instructions:
1.Create account by downloading the Zoom Cloud app (mobile device or tablet) or go to
2.Follow set up instructions in the email attachment
3.Use the meeting IDs on the calendar to join the meetings! Meetings will open ~10min before class starts. Please try to join on time!
Much Love,

The coaches and Staff at CrossFit Armed!

3-17-2020 – Update

Guess what Armed fam!

We are going to go LIVE with our WODs starting tonight! We are using the platform ZOOM where you can log-in and follow along with the class LIVE like you are right at the box with Coach K. Use the link below to sign up and join. The app is free. All you have to do is click the link between 5:50pm and 6:00pm tonight and we will be able to see/hear you and you can see/hear us! Tonight at 6:00pmpm we will be running through today’s in-home WOD as a test. Coach K will lead you through a stretch, warm-up, exercise instructions/demos and you’ll have her coaching the whole way through just like in class! You’ll be able to see and WOD with all your gym friends!

We couldn’t even go a whole day without seeing your beautiful faces and hearing your voices!

Can’t make the LIVE WOD tonight? After it’s completed you’ll have access to the recorded one with the link.


Good morning Armed family,
It is with a heavy heart we can no longer physically meet at CrossFit Armed until the government determines it is safe for gyms to reopen. This is effective, Tuesday, March 17th at 10am.

Please continue to check your emails for updates throughout the next few days. Believe us, this is just as hard for us as it is for you. CrossFit Armed is our everything! While we know everyone is scared of the uncertainty of the future we truly need your support more than ever if Armed is going to continue to exist when the world calms down again. Please stick with us and refrain from canceling or freezing. We will still be providing the services of fitness, health, and community. The same services that we have provided for the last 9 years just not under Armed’s roof for a little while.

Going forward we will be providing in-home WODs – both equipment based and bodyweight only. We still encourage everyone to sign into Wodify and log scores! Social media will be our avenue of community so if you don’t follow us on Instagram@crossfitarmed and @justkaleena please do so! We will be posting videos of the movements in the daily WODs and going live so you can do the WODs with Coach K just like you do everyday! A time schedule of when that LIVE workout will take place will be posted with the WODs the night before at 10pm. We will also be posting a #justrun running WOD 3 times a week. We will post all WODs on WODIFY, IG and our website.

During this time Coach K and Chad will be more accessible than ever! Feel free to text, email or DM if you need any workout modifications or if you have equipment at home you would like us to include in your programming. We will also be posting diet and mental health tips to help you all through these challenging and stressful times.

We love you all! We appreciate your understanding. Please be safe and we can’t wait to see you again!

Chad: 786-709-5677

Coach K: 914-494-8328

Below are all the ways you can help keep your immune system healthy, please practice them: