Armed & Fit HIIT

What is Armed & Fit HIIT?

Armed & Fit HIIT is the stepping-stone to CROSSFIT. Armed & Fit HIIT teaches all level athletes functional movements to prepare them for life. Through high-intensity training and nutritional education, Armed & Fit HIIT workouts will test you physically, mentally and emotionally. Armed & Fit HIIT will help you build confidence, strength and a solid foundation in fitness.

Armed & Fit HIIT not only offers individual attention but it is highly based on the community of the group. Armed & Fit HIIT believes that success depends on a strong supportive community to encourage and motivate you on your journey. In this class you will learn to “Be More” in your fitness, which will help you to “Do More” in your life.


Armed & Fit HIIT constantly strives to ensure that each member’s health and fitness goals are met through quality coaching, programming and nutrition prescription. Check out the Armed & Fit HIIT schedule for class times.